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Detaljer om produktet

IAAF Certificate No. : E-17-0944

STT17-63F is a complete pole vault club foldable stand set. It is designed to conduct pole vault training and pole vault competitions.
The key features of the stand are as follows:

1. Innovative construction

Implementation of electronic height indicator begins a new era of constructing PV standards, original Polanik solution has removed a traditional measuring tape, hermetic indicator casing with stainless steel hub installed on crank, resistant to high temperature and humidity, resistant to UV radiation and chemical agents, equipped with brake, battery life min. 5 years. Uprights are equipped with simple and reliable system of folding posts above landing area surface, when blocking bolts are removed posts are put on landing area and whole facility is secured with garage.

2. High durability

All stand parts are manufactured from long-lasting materials like aluminium, galvanized steel and plastic, and stand base casings are galvanized and additionally powder painted.

3. High quality

STT17-63F complies with the international quality standards what is confirmed by the certificate of the International Association of the Athletics Federations (IAAF).

4. Easy operating

The stands can be assembled and disassembled quickly, assembly (or disassembly) takes approximately 30 minutes done by 2 people. Crossbar lifting mechanism and post sliding mechanism work very quietly and smoothly. Height adjustment crank is equipped with brake securing crossbar support against uncontrolled movements. Base wheels help significantly to move stands to desired positions.