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Detaljer om produktet

ZPCP14 is a basic timing system for track events in the athletics. It allows you to record the competitors? times with the resolution up to 1/1000 s. The shot from the staring revolver initiates the timing of the chronometer and the time is recorded when the infrared beam of the sports photocell is tripped by the competitor. The chronometer can record up to 2000 results. Thanks to the thermal printer of the chronometer the results can be printed out. The set contains:

a) FP sports photocell range 15 m = 1 set

b) LFP-1 photocell mirror = 1 pc

c) ST tripod = 2 pcs

d) RS-START9 starting revolver with impulse wire = 1 pc

e) CHR chronometer with printer = 1 set

f) PNB-150 start signal cable 150 m on spool = 1 pc


FP sports photocell is an accurate sports device. Its casing consists of two main elements: a transmitter and a receiver. The set also comes with two rechargeable batteries AA, AC charger and cables. Selected technical features:

-impulse delay below 1 ms

-guaranteed range up to 15 m

-temperature range -20°C +70°C.


LFP-1 single mirror reflecting infrared beam


ST tripod positions stably the receiver/ transmitter of the photocell in required location.


RS-START9 starting revolver with impulse wire is an alarm signal gun. It uses long blank side ignition cartridges, calibre .22, and holds 9 rounds. It is equipped with the mechanical device that starts the timing system.


CHR chronometer with printer lets you record the times and then print them. The set includes: transport bag, chronometer main unit, mini CD with standard system software, rolls of thermal paper (2 units), power adaptor, alkaline batteries 1.5V 1500 mAH type AA (4 units), start & stop connection cables, PC connection cable and PC adaptor.


PNB-150 start signal cable 150 m on spool lets you connect the revolver to the chronometer.