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Detaljer om produktet

The race clock led display is designed to display running time or 6-digit results during sports events and training
programmes. Counting time up and down, additional result display feature, handheld time control keypad and
numeric keypad for entering 6-digit results, integration with chronometer.


Technical specification:

Type: Race clock with results option
Power supply AC [V]: 230
Power consumption [VA]: 50
Display box dimensions [mm]: 1550 x 340 x 100
Frontal cover: solid polycarbonate
Display type :LED
Display colour: red
Digit height [cm]: 25 cm
Good visibility [m]: 100 m
Maximum visibility [m]: 125 m
Displayed time format: standalone operation HH:MM:SS
Displayed time format: standalone operation with numeric keypad 00:00.00
Displayed information: time format (operation with chronometer) HH:MM:SS
Max view angle [°]: 120
Weight [kg]: 10
Casing: aluminium, powder painted
Temperature: range from -10°C to +50°C
Set contains: tripod, time control keypad, numeric keypad, power cable