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Stangspring - Afsætskasse til stangspring - Få et tilbud


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Detaljer om produktet

Stangsprings afsætskasse

Her en konkurrence stangsprings afsætningskasse fra det polske brand Polanik, som er IAAF godkendt med nr. e-18-0988



Competition with lowered edges, IAAF nr E-18-0988, can be blanked flush with the runway top synthetic surface with the lid PVLID-S (without metal elements visible), stainless steel with drainage, to be embedded in concrete foundation, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions, particularly recommended for the places where the athlete is supposed to run on the blanked PV box, for example: in short two-way runways (less than 45 m long) or in the collision points where PV runways collide with other runways