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Spyd - FC11 Konkurrence spyd 600 g



Carbon Javelins

The decades of our company's experience in the javelin production have been capped by creating Carbon competition javelins. Those master-class javelins have come into being as the result of the two-year work and personal commitment of the company's founder, Wieslaw Szczepanik.

In the production there have been used extremely durable carbon fibres and special kinds of resins which vastly increase the javelins' rigidity. That lessens the vibrations during flight and guarantees farther throws. Due to that, Polanik company has joined the selective group of few producers from all over the world who make carbon fibre javelins.

The Polanik Carbon javelins are the next products added to the Premium Line which came into existence along with creating excellent class Ziolkowski Hammers. Currently, there are two models included in our offer: 600g and 800g. Only their shank tails are painted, the rest of the shank surface shows a spectacular structure of carbon fibre. In the near future, different models with various levels of rigidity, diversified colours, javelin cord types and head constructions will supplement the Carbon line.

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Detaljer om produktet

Konkurence spyd fra Polanik - PREMIUM LINE.

600  g.

Kulstof spyd, der gør spyddet meget stabilt i kastet.

Der er lagt vægt på spyddets svæve engenskaber.





Certificate IAAF
Head aluminim and steel
Shank full carbon fibre
Theoretical range 90 m
Weight allowance [g] from +5 to +25
Weight [g] 600